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Public Lectures Committee/Jawatankuasa Penyelarasan Syarahan Umum

USM Public Lectures Committee

This committee is responsible for identifying and selecting leading figures in various areas of knowledge either nationally or internationally. The committee also coordinate series of Public Lectures of Appointed Professors in USM.
Tasks Framework
To identify and make selection of candidates who will give lectures.
To maintain public lecture programs including aspects of hospitality and publicity.
To manage printing and other materials relating to Public Lectures.
To review from time to time ways to reinforce series of public lectures in order to be a useful platform for the University and societies.
The committee comprises:
(a) 11 permanent representatives.
(b) The Chairperson of the Arts Coordination Committee, Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences & Medicine.
(c) 5 members appointed by the Vice-Chancellor for a period of 3 years.

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