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Academic Planning Committee/Jawatankuasa Perancangan Akademik (JPA)

Academic Planning Committee

The Committee is the Vice-Chancellor's Committee to discuss any proposal of the first degree academic program and to consider it in details before it is presented to the Senate.
Tasks Framework
To review from time to time the University's overall academic programs, in particular with the purpose of coordination and areas that can be enhanced and developed in line with current needs.
To plan and advise on offering new programs.
To discuss issues arising from the Central School and Senate Council as well as the matters referred by the Vice-Chancellor.
To bring a list of new, re-activated or modified courses that have been approved to be certified in Senate meetings.
The Committee comprises of:
(a) Director of Centre for Academic Quality, CDAE, CITM, , IMCC, Centre for Co-curricular Program
(b) Two Senate representatives 
(c) Five professors appointed by the Vice-Chancellor for a period not exceeding three years
(d) Other members appointed by the Vice-Chancellor (if necessary)
(e) The Registrar as Secretary.
(f) Invited members consisting of University administrative officers.

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