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The administration and management of the academic and international portfolio are under the direction of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International). Division of Academic and International plays a role in improving the academic strategic direction, developing academic frameworks and policies that support the university's strategic goals, improving the quality of teaching and learning, as well as ensuring the competitiveness of academic programmes' quality assurance. Additionally, we are responsible for the growth and promotion of foreign affairs and collaborations, as well as the university's internationalisation.

These are five (5) departments responsible for the Division of Academic and International  as follows :

- Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS)

- International Mobility and Career Centre (IMCC)

- Centre for Development of Academic Excellence (CDAE)

- Academic Quality Centre (PKA)

- Co-Curricular Planning Center (PRK)

 The Division of Academic and International works closely with the Academic Management Division under the registrar department, and also manages academic matters of all 26 schools and academic centres all over the campus. 





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